Why participate?

  • Help meet land management objectives.
  • Gather critical scientific data first-hand.
  • Learn about land use, ecology and landscape change.
  • Connect with our fascinating and vital region.
  • Be part of the solution for healthy rural lands.

Success Story

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How does the program work?

Land owners and managers around our region have recognized that the quality and quantity of the data they use as part of their land stewardship efforts can be enhanced with the participation of like-minded citizens.

These managers invite citizens like you to visit their lands, and as you do, to take photos at predefined photo points along marked trails. When you return to the website, you may submit your photos for evaluation and comparison over time.

How do I participate?

Ready to get started? Begin by exploring the photo-monitoring locations, choose one you'd like to visit, then bring your digital camera. Clearly marked photo points and on-site instructions at the trail head make collecting scientific data simple and fun.

By participating, not only are you enjoying the outdoors and deepening your understanding and appreciation of our region, you are contributing data that scientists and land owners can use to evaluate and refine their management efforts.