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About Barn Beach Reserve

Barn Beach Reserve
is a nature preserve and learning center that includes conifer forest and is adjacent to freshwater habitat in Leavenworth, managed by Barn Beach Trust, with 3 photo points monitored monthly for seasonal change.

About the Land Manager

Jeff Parsons, Executive Director for Barn Beach Trust. Jeff may be reached at 509-548-0181 or by email.

At the Trailhead

To begin, find the large kiosk near the parking lot and look for the Witnessing Change poster for instructions.

Barn Beach Reserve is located adjacent to the Wenatchee River and Waterfront Park in downtown Leavenworth. It supports a variety of native plants, animals, and natural communities, but also includes a number of invasive plant species.

One of Barn Beach Trust’s goals for the Reserve is to conserve and restore natural areas within this 9-acre property, which includes a black cottonwood riparian area, grassy meadow areas, a steep hillside, and ponderosa pine forested areas. Portions of the property, including the Lower Meadow, were used in the mid-20th century for the purposes of the Bent River Arabian Horse Ranch, which included a horse pasture and barns. Bordering this Lower Meadow is the former site of the Pea Vine Railroad that was used in the early 20th century to take logs to the Lamb Davis Lumber Mill above what is now Blackbird Island.

The Trust will be successful in reaching this conservation and restoration goal when a comprehensive site restoration and redevelopment plan is completed in spring, 2009, and implemented in phases thereafter. The plan is intended to include restoration, monitoring, managing, and continuing to learn about biodiversity and effective land restoration and stewardship practices.

At the Barn Beach Reserve Lower Meadow site, the Trust is working to restore a meadow and hillside that provides habitat for birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and other life forms. Photo points set up on the Reserve are being used to document restoration by monitoring changes in the vegetation in the meadow and on the hillside.

Explore the photos taken over time at Barn Beach Reserve
to see how citizens are helping to generate scientific data.

"We want to restore the property at Barn Beach Reserve to a healthy functioning ecosystem that accomodates recreation and education activities."

Harriet Bullitt tells about her early days at what is now Barn Beach Reserve – and how it got its name.


McCartney Creek Meadow, Moses Coulee Barns cerca 1960s Barns prior to 1960s Washington Biodiversity Council's Conservation Opportunity Framework Map (cropped) Horse Pasture House cerca 1903 House cerca 1950s

This project was made possible through support provided by the Washington Biodiversity Council (active 2004–2010).

Preparing for Your Trip

  • Walk-in access
  • Year-round
  • Daylight hours
  • Leashed dogs allowed/waste pick-up required.

Driving Directions

From West

  • Drive State Highway 2 to Leavenworth
  • In Leavenworth, drive to the first stoplight (9th Street)
  • Turn right on 9th Street
  • Turn left on Commercial
  • Turn right on Division, drive to end

From South

  • Drive Highway 97 to junction with State Highway 2
  • Turn left and drive Highway 2 to Leavenworth
  • In Leavenworth at 2nd stoplight, (Front Street/Chumstick Road),
  • turn left on Front Street
  • Drive 3 blocks to Division St
  • Turn left onto Division, drive to end

From East

  • Drive State Highway 2 to Leavenworth
  • In Leavenworth at 2nd stoplight, (Front Street/Chumstick Road),
  • turn left on Front Street
  • Drive 3 blocks to Division St
  • Turn left onto Division, drive to end